Documentary about Libya uprising premieres at Cannes

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Documentary about Libya uprising premieres at Cannes

Documentary about Libya uprising premieres at Cannes
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Last year’s revolts across the Middle East have already been turned into movies. Two of them are showing at Cannes this year. ‘After the Battle’ focuses on how the Arab Spring took hold in Egypt, while French-language documentary
‘The Oath of Tobruk’ concentrates on the upheaval in Libya.

Prominent French left-wing intellectual Bernard-Henry Levy is the film’s co-director, narrator and central subject.

He told our correspondent Wolfgang Spindler in Cannes that he wanted the international community to do more to stop the bloodshed.

“I try to report very faithfully and modestly about the war of Liberation in my movie,” said Henry-Levy.

“This is not a history about Libya in general, there are plenty of films like those around. For this one, I stick to the story about what I experienced, what I witnessed and sometimes what I took part in.”

The film follows Henry-Levy meeting rebel leaders and convincing former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to take the lead in the West’s response to the crisis.

The uprising saw the overthrow and death of Muamar Gaddafi.

But critics say the film is too egotistical, with Henry Levy being cheered at rallies and constantly greeted by politicians on camera.