Touting for tickets at Cannes

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Touting for tickets at Cannes

Touting for tickets at Cannes
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As always Cannes attracts cinema lovers regardless of age or class to the glamorous Croisette boulevard, normally the preserve of the super-rich.

“There are also a lot of beggars during the Film Festival, – How come? Here, everybody wants to go to a movie theatre and see a film – but for those who do not have a ticket, because they don’t have the money or the connections, begging can pay off,” says euronews’ Wolfgang Spindler in Cannes.

The question is, how far are you prepared to go to see your wish come true? Wolfgang went to find out the answer to the critical question: does it work?

“Ah, yes! Yesterday we got some tickets, and we went to see an Italian movie, “Io et te”, at four in the afternoon, and later we also saw “On The Road” as well,” said a couple of young women.

“Sometimes it works, but for example yesterday I went home empty-handed,” said one young man.

“Do you do this every day?” Wolfgang asked an older festival-goer.

“Yes, every day for the last 10 years.”

Wolfgang found dedication wherever he turned:

“Ah, it’s tough. Here every day at seven sharp in the morning , and we don’t get into the cinema every day,” said one woman.

Sometimes being a journalist can be hard, as Wolfgang discovered with one fan who thought she had found her ticket.

“I find tickets because there are generous journalists who give them away. You have to believe, but the trump card is the heart, it’s love, all we need is love.”

Beating a hasty retreat, Wolfgang found one young man holding up an i-pad:

“You are trying the high tech card?”

“Yes, I mean you have to surprise people, to see if you can catch their attention and then you can get the tickets. I got lucky twice already.”

“Yesterday, I waited five hours,” said one young woman dressed to the nines.

“Did you come with or without tickets?”

“With, and we went up the red carpet with Kylie Minogue and her posse, so it was worth the five-hour wait, but you have to be really motivated.”

For some, though, it may be a case of be careful what you wish for, with kisses on offer for entries from some enterprising young ladies. For some reason, Wolfgang’s interviews stop here…