'Phaetons' under threat on Turkish islands

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'Phaetons' under threat on Turkish islands

'Phaetons' under threat on Turkish islands
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They have been trotting the streets of the Turkish Princes’ islands for generations. But now horse and carts – or Phaetons – could have the reigns pulled on them for good.

Officials in Istanbul want to call time on the only form of transport and replace them with electric vehicles.

“There have always been phaetons, since people settled here,” said one owner.

“The roads here are only fit for this kind of transport.”

The idea of electric vehicles is being welcomed by those who claim the horse and carts pollute the environment.

However, the islands’ mayor does not want to see them replaced with modern day technology.

“Phaetons are iconic,” said Mustafa Farsakoglu.

“There are some problems like pollution or using sick horses, but we can solve this with controls.”

While no final decision has yet been made about the fate of the traditional horse and carts, the mere suggestion they could be trotted off the islands is stirring emotions.