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Egypt presidential candidate: "elections free from violence and fraud"

Egypt presidential candidate: "elections free from violence and fraud"
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At the end of the second day of voting in Egypt’s first free presidential election, the ballot has been better run after the state election body improved overseeing voting and counting procedures.

One of the frontrunners, leftist candidate Hamdeen Sabahy has also praised the running of the first round of voting in this crucial stage in the transition to democracy.

“I think that so far the elections have been free from violence and fraud and I think the irregularities are limited. So the elections in Egypt will not be invalidated. We hope that irregularities do not increase, and the voting that happened yesterday and today was orderly. In my opinion, the election has been generally free from any blatant fraud,” he said.

None of the top five candidates are likely to win 50 percent, meaning the top two would face a run-off in mid-June.

One of them could be Ahmed Shafik who is popular for his secularist stance, but has also been the subject of protests because he served as prime minister under ousted president Hosni Mubarak.