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Hezbollah calls for calm after Syrian rebels kidnap Lebanese

Hezbollah calls for calm after Syrian rebels kidnap Lebanese
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Hezbollah ha called for calm after 13 Lebanese men were seized by Syrian rebels. The kidnappings have prompted unrest in the Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut that is home to many of the men.

The Free Syrian Army took them hostage as they were returning from a pilgrimage to Iran.

“We are demanding the Syrian army and leaders do something,” said one woman. “The pilgrimage to Badr is a regular one and we have nothing to do with what’s going on in Syria. We were always one people and we always got on. We hope and are asking that these people be freed.”

Meanwhile, five people are reported dead after a bomb blast in a Damascus restaurant. The attack, reported on state TV took place in an area of the Syrian capital where pro and anti President Bashar Al Assad forces have often clashed.

There are also reports, backed by amateur video, of several regular soldiers being killed by rebels in northern Syria. And the opposition says government forces killed two people when they fired on a crowd that turned out to welcome UN ceasefire monitors in an eastern province.