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Italy school bombing sparks emotional protests

Italy school bombing sparks emotional protests
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The unexplained bombing of a school in southern Italy that killed a 16-year-old girl sparked emotional protests across the country.

Demonstrators took to the streets of Brindisi, where the blast happened early on Saturday morning as pupils arrived for classes.

The blast also left five teenagers seriously injured, most of whom are still being treated in hospital.

The father of one of the wounded said he could not understand why someone would want to bomb a school.

“It was not an act of intimidation, it was a real attack. What was the motive?”, he said.

The Morvillo-Falcone high school is named after a slain anti-Mafia prosecutor and locals believe organised criminals were involved.

Police say there is no evidence of any Mafia link because they normally target senior judicial officials or rival mobsters, not civilians.

As yet, no-one has claimed responsibility for the attack.