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Aftershocks felt after northern Italy earthquake

Aftershocks felt after northern Italy earthquake
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Northern Italy continues to be jolted by strong aftershocks after an earthquake killed six people early on Sunday.

The epicentre of the 6.0 magnitude quake was located between the cities of Bologna and Modena, in one of the country’s richest regions.

Around 50 people have been hurt and several historic buildings have been damaged, including churches, towers and a 14th century castle.
Heavy rain in the area has increased fears that some structures could collapse altogether.

Authorities continue to search the rubble in several areas for anyone who might still be trapped. They are preparing temporary accommodation for as many as 3,000 people whose homes are unsafe.

One local resident described being shaken from his bed: “I got my family out (of the house) really quickly. I’ve never seen anything like it. I can still hear the sound of it ringing in my ears.”

Several nightshift workers died after the factory buildings they were in collapsed on top of them.

For one couple, the death of their son Nicola is just starting to sink in.

“He was due home at 6.30am,” said the victim’s father Bruno Cavicchi. “We didn’t hear from him so we got worried. His brother started calling but he didn’t answer.”

His mother Romana said: “I kept looking out the window telling myself ‘he’s on his way, he’ll be here any minute’. But he’s dead.”

As officials work out the cost of the quake, emergency workers try to prevent ruptured gas supplies from causing even more damage.

Italy’s last major earthquake in 2009 killed nearly 300 people in the central city of L’Aquila.