Canada sex exhibition for teens sparks outcry

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Canada sex exhibition for teens sparks outcry

Canada sex exhibition for teens sparks outcry
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With a name like ‘Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition’ it is no surprise that the explicit content of a museum display for students in Canada is causing a stir.

The aim is to answer young people’s questions about sexuality. But some say the federal science museum in Ottawa has gone too far.

Amid the outcry, it has raised the age for admission for unaccompanied children from 12 to 16.

“I respect the independence of the museum but they asked me my opinion and in my opinion it is not appropriate for young, underage children to be exposed to sexually explicit material without the consent of their parents,” said James Moore, the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Other politicians however insist that broaching such issues early has social benefits.

“The more and earlier people learn about sex, the less unplanned pregnancies,” claimed Ontario Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett.

An animated video about youngsters exploring their own bodies has been removed after complaints.

The show still includes life-sized, full-frontal nude photos of males and females at various stages of life and Canada’s Sun newspapers have described a “climax room” showing animations of aroused genitals with a voice of a man describing an orgasm.

Like it or loathe it, there is no chance this exhibition will pass by unnoticed.