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A silver lining for Greece?

A silver lining for Greece?
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In Greece, the spectre of a return to the drachma remains present.

After the last elections which resulted in an inconclusive vote, Greeks have reportedly withdrawn 700 million euros from banks. Fitch ratings have downgraded Greece to the level just above default in response to news that an anti-bailout party could win the next elections.

Despite this, Greek citizens, like Paschalis Paschidis, appear optimistic.

“I’m not especially worried because I don’t have too much money in the banks. However I did just make a larger withdrawal then usual. But, that’s all.”

Fokianos Adonis from Athens has confidence in international institutions to protect Greek money.“I’m not worried at all because the European Central Bank and international institutions are behind our banks. It’s other things that worry me.”

Greece will survive with a caretaker government until the June 17 election.

The most recent polls suggest that if the vote were to be held tomorrow, the pro-bailout New Democracy party would win – news which could quell euro exit talk.