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Greece crisis: Emergency government sworn-in

Greece crisis: Emergency government sworn-in
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The remainder of debt-ridden Greece’s caretaker government was sworn in on Thursday.

A senior judge, Panagiotis Pikrammenos, is heading up the emergency administration, brought in after recent elections failed to bring any party to power. Pikrammenos is not able to make any political decisions.

Austerity-weary voters will head to the ballot box again next month.

Concern is rife that Greece could be forced out of the eurozone and return to the drachma.

People have been withdrawing hundreds of millions of euros from banks over recent days. However, there has been no sign of panic at banks in Athens.

The turmoil has rattled global markets and alarmed world leaders. IMF chief Christine Lagarde has warned of “extremely expensive” consequences if Greece does have to leave the eurozone.