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Moldova rally draws nearly 7,000

Moldova rally draws nearly 7,000
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Nearly 7,000 demonstrators have marched through Moldova’s capital Chisinau to denounce Russia’s continued influence in their country.

The rally was held to mark the moment 200 years ago when Russia annexed a region of Eastern Europe that became known as Bessarabia. It followed the Treaty of Bucharest which ended the Russo-Turkish war.

Today, what was Bessarabia is split between Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.

The marchers released dozens of black balloons in front of the Russian embassy.

One protester said: “I want to show with this march the desire of the people to live in one united national and Christian country.”

Many demonstrators shouted slogans calling for Russia to “get out of the country”. They were referring to another war that still troubles their homeland, Moldova’s two-decade dispute with pro-Russian separatists in its eastern Transdniestria region. Part of that area was also in Bessarabia.