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Syria: government and activists differ on Aleppo bombing

Syria: government and activists differ on Aleppo bombing
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There are reports of an explosion in the city of Aleppo in northern Syria. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims the blast targeted the headquarters of the ruling Baath Party.

However, conflicting reports on Syrian state television say authorities actually foiled an attempted car bombing in Aleppo, preventing the detonation of 1,200 kilograms of explosive.

Fifty-five people were killed when two car bombs exploded almost simultaneously around eight o’clock in the morning local time in Damascus on Thursday.

Foreign-funded terrorists are responsible, according to Syria’s government, which has asked the UN Security Council to take measures against the countries or groups providing the finance.

The Information Minister Adnan Hassan Mahmoud
told euronews: “European countries are sharing the same agenda as the United States and they already have an old plan against Syria. They are evaluating the situation in Syria according to the wrong information which comes from the internet and sites like Facebook.”

Unverified amateur video, said to be shot by activists and posted online, shows Syrian people in Damascus talking with some of the 105 UN observers now in the country.

However, Syrian state television claims observers have been attacked. News reports showed a damaged car in the monitors’ convoy which had insults written on it.