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Anger on the streets after Damascus blasts

Anger on the streets after Damascus blasts
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Mangled, smouldering cars, a huge crater three metres deep in a highway which was main artery around the south of the city and a fragile ceasefire that would now appear in tatters.

That is the aftermath of the two explosions in the Syrian capital of Damascus. Our correspondent, Bora Bayraktar reporting from the scene said, “ There are 20 to 25 cars which are totally burned out. There are bodies inside the vehicles blackened and impossible to recognise. There is nothing left of some who were caught in the inferno. Just after the explosions the authorities closed all the roads while helicopters have been buzzing the area.”

The attacks occurred a day after a bomb blew up near U.N. observers and two weeks after authorities said a suicide bomber killed at least nine people in the city. There was visible anger on the streets.

“Prince Sheikh Hamad of Qatar claims freedom, this is his liberty. There were children going to school in this bus which has been burned out. Here is the freedom that Hamad wants. I appeal to all Syrians, if you see someone with a gun, or people protesting please call the authorities”

A pro-Assad group gathered in the area and shouted their support, “One, one the Syrian people are one. We are ready to sacrifice our souls and our blood for you Bashar,” they chanted.

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