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Tsipras to try and form Greek government

Tsipras to try and form Greek government
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The Greeks are without a government after the failure of the leader of the biggest party following Sunday’s election to form a coalition government.

The stockmarket suffered on the prospect of political instability, while in the Athens markets greengrocers were doing a roaring trade in products you can pickle or preserve.

“I do not think they will co-operate, at least for now. This poor country never had the chance of having someone who really cares for it in power. All these politicians only care for themselves, but people gave them a clear message,” was one man’s feelings about the chances of a coalition.

With no clear majority seemingly possible on a pro-austerity pro-Europe platform, some analysts said a second election would be needed, maybe as soon as June 17.

“I would like an anti-bailout movement, that will send a message to Europe for a change in policy, from austerity to development,” said one man.

The PASOK – New Democracy carve-up of Greek politics is smashed for now, broken along with Greece say some by outside forces.

New Democracy’s Antonis Samaras admitted failure to President Papoulias, who now asks the second-placed radical-left Syriza leader, Alexis Tsipras, to try his hand at coalition-building. He has vowed an end to austerity.