Street artist exhibits work at London gallery

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Street artist exhibits work at London gallery

Street artist exhibits work at London gallery
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Creations from highly regarded British street artist Stik are fresh, simple and colourful yet loaded with emotions and mature themes – which aren’t fully understand on their initial appearance.

The exhibition entitled ‘Walk’ features large-scale canvases, light-boxes and sculptures.

“This show is about movement, about moving forwards as a person and as an artist,” said Stik.

“I wanted to get that feeling of taking a step and being tentative, moving forward cautiously but trying to think about where I am going and what I am taking with me.”

The award-winning artist spent many years living on the streets.

Despite being homeless, Stik got involved in street art because it didn’t discriminate and was accessible.

“I got involved with street art because it is so immediate, you just go and paint in the street and there is no barrier there, no curator. No censorship. It is an open art form, it is a forum. It made it very easy for me to be involved in it and to actually develop my style in the public eye so people have seen me through my artistic journey,” added the artist.

Since starting his career in East London he has become one of Street Art’s key figures.

He has created art for Queen guitarist Brian May, Sir Elton John and the Duke of Kent.

Walk is on now at the Imitate Modern gallery in London now.

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