No knockdown in French Presidential TV debate

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No knockdown in French Presidential TV debate

No knockdown in French Presidential TV debate
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Nearly 18 million French viewers followed the near- three hour debate on television between the two men who want to be their leader last night.

As the campaign ends tomorrow, ahead of Sunday’s vote, today’s press is asking: ‘Who would be the best President?’

The final shots are being fired and the long-awaited head-to-head could have been decisive for some.

“For me, it was François Hollande. He focused things on the real problems of society whereas Mr Sarkozy seemed completely overwhelmed by the debate. He seemed totally disconnected from reality.”

“Normally, it’s true, Sarkozy is a better debater and we knew that, but I think Hollande stood his ground well, so from that aspect I think he won,” were the opinions of two viewers giving the debate to the challenger.

The Socialist candidate remains ahead in the polls and the numbers for the second round vote do not look good for Sarkozy. However for some, he is the only possible choice:

“Sarkozy won the debate for me. He was able to give clarity, and was able to show that although the opposition has ideas, they aren’t very realistic.”

“I’m going to vote Sarkozy. I think he had more the stature of a president and he was more precise with the figures he gave.”

Campaigning was supposedly one of Sarkozy’s strengths but time is running out. This woman’s reaction after the debate summed up many people’s:

“For me, neither won. They squabbled, presented figures that could not be verified either by one or the other. It was a shame that there wasn’t someone on hand to confirm the figures they were giving. But here, one was left with the impression of two cockerels in a chicken coop.”