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Ex-Libyan PM backs Gaddafi's Sarkozy donation claim

Ex-Libyan PM backs Gaddafi's Sarkozy donation claim
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Another voice, that of former Libyan prime minister al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, who is in prison in Tunisia, has added his support to the accusation that French President Nicolas Sarkozy took 50 million euros from the Gaddafis.

When French news website Mediapart published what it says is an official Libyan document confirming the deal had been made, Sarkozy went ballistic. Both are now sueing each other.

“This is an infamy, an infamy. when I think that there are journalists who would dare to give any credit to this, to what Gaddafi’s son, or Gaddafi’s secret services say…” said Sarkozy in an interview on French TV.

“But this is an official document…” began the interviewer. She did not get any further.

“50 million euros? Well, why not 100, for a campaign that cost 20 million?” fumed Sarkozy. “ This is a forgery, it’s an infamy,” he continued.

The spark that lit this trail of gunpowder was Gaddafi’s son, Saif. He made the claim that Sarkozy’s 2007 election campaign had benefitted from a 50 million euro gift to euronews’ Riad Muasses when he interviewed him in Libya at the height of the conflict that eventually toppled his father.

Libya’s National Transitional Council refuses to extradite Gaddafi and for the moment prison visits seem to be off the agenda. On Thursday the NTC reacted by saying the document was a forgery.

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