Final countdown in French presidential poll

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Final countdown in French presidential poll

Final countdown in French presidential poll
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It seems Nicolas Sarkozy failed to do enough to pull off a convincing victory in his TV face-off with Francois Hollande.

Both the French public and pollsters said socialist Hollande was suprisingly resilient during the one and only debate with his long-time, conservative rival.

“Today, let’s be clear. We have always said that the polls were not concrete predictions, that the candidates could change them with their campaign,” said pollster Gael Sliman, from the BVA Institute.

“But now the campaigning is pretty much over. We’ve had the debate and unless there’s a unforeseen catastrophe in the next 48 hours, Francois Hollande is going to win the French presidential election.”

Sarkozy has been trailing in the polls.

If he does lose Sunday’s runoff, the National Front could profit from his downfall.

“If the polls are right and if there is a difference of six or eight points between the two candidates, I think there will be a major crisis of the right,” said Denis Sieffert, Director of Politis.

“There will be disagreements, on which the extreme right National Front counts. This is the reason why the National Front wants Hollande to win because they believe that there will be crumbs or even very big crumbs to take from the classical right for the future,” he continued.

euronews correspondent Giovanni Magi said: “The candidates are now playing their final cards. The moment is approaching when voters once again go to the polls.”