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Germany's Pirate party elect new leader

Germany's Pirate party elect new leader
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Thousands of members of Germany’s Pirate Party gathered in the northern town of Neumuenster on Saturday to elect a new leader.

Bern Schlomer was elected as federal chairman with a 66 percent majority.

The party, which was once written off as a club of computer nerds and hackers, has won seats in two of Germany’s regional parliaments. Analysts say the Pirates are suddenly being taken more seriously.

“It is always a question of whether a party needs to have a detailed manifesto on all issues. The Pirates have shown that they can offer incredible new insight and we’ve shown that you can still have success by doing that. It’s up to the party to decide which other policies they want to highlight,” said Schlomer.

With a membership of more than 25,000, the party now plans to contest two regional elections and is adamant that it has seen off accusations of infiltration by the far-right.