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Residential rooftop missile base to protect London Olympics

Residential rooftop missile base to protect London Olympics
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Residents of an upmarket apartment complex are up in arms after being informed that the army plans to install a surface-to-air missile battery on the roof for the duration of the London Olympics.

It is the first time such heavy weapons have been deployed in London since the Second World War.

The Ministry of Defence say the measure is to protect the London games from aerial attack.

Brian Whelan lives in the Bow Quarter housing development:

“Yesterday my girlfriend brought home the leaflet. I was absolutely shocked. I couldn’t believe that this would be announced in such a flippant way. Just a leaflet put through the door-some posters put up. I don’t think that’s any way to tell people you are putting a missile base on their roof.”

Security officials say they chose the former water tower because it “offered an excellent view of the surrounding area and the sky above the Olympic Park.”

It is one of a number of extraordinary measures Londoners can expect as part of the 1.2 billion euro Olympic security plan.