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High winds hit central and eastern France

High winds hit central and eastern France
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France has been hit hard by violent winds some as strong as 150km/h with nine of the country’s 95 departments affected mainly in central and eastern areas.

Chamonix in Haute-Savoie saw trees crash to the ground and power supplies cut as the wind gathered strength on Saturday evening.

“It really looked like the apocalypse, there was noise everywhere and we felt that our house was going to be blown away.”

It proved a busy night for the emergency services as firefighters in the wind hit areas answered hundreds of calls and electricity workers struggled to reconnect supplies.

Police are urging people to exercise caution over the weekend.

“We must ask the population to take care over the weekend. Avoid walking in the forests and steer clear of roads that border wooded areas.”

Weather forecasters predict another windy night.