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French journalist missing in Colombia

French journalist missing in Colombia
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A French journalist is missing after being injured in a shoot-out between Colombian security forces and members of the revolutionary guerrilla group FARC.

It is believed Romeo Langlois may have been kidnapped by the rebels.

He has not been seen since the firefight, prompting French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe to make a statement saying his government is liasing with Bogota.

Langlois had been following the security forces as they tracked the FARC members.

The Colombian Defence Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon described what he had been told about the last sighting of Langlois.

“At some point, Romeo was hit by a bullet in his left arm. He was injured, and in the middle of the tension and fighting, he had the determination to take off his helmet and vest, signal that he was a civilian and move away from the area the guerrillas were firing at. This is all the information we have about him. We’re not sure at this time what else happened to him,” Pinzon said.

Three soldiers and a police official were killed during the fight against FARC. Another six officials were injured.

FARC is mainly funded through ransoms from kidnapped victims and the production and distribution of illegal drugs.