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France: presidential campaign intensifies

France: presidential campaign intensifies
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With just a week to go before the vote that decides who will be the next president of France, both candidates have been rallying their supporters.

Sunday saw the Socialist candidate, challenger and favourite to win Francois Hollande in Paris, whilst incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy tried to boost his chances before May 6.

Dealing with accusations that he is trying to court far right voters, Sarkozy told an audience in Toulouse: “It’s is not a question of the Right winning – that’s stupid. It’s not a question of the Left winning – that’s ridiculous. It’s a question of making sure France wins… and France is all the voters, however they cast their ballot.”

Sarkozy has also been hit by allegations former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi funded his last presidential campaign in 2007 – a distraction for Sarkozy as he tries to close first-round winner Hollande’s 10-point lead.

“I have been waiting for such a long time… for years. For years we’ve wanted change, we fought, we hoped… and now, the change is here… it’s coming!” Hollande told his supporters at a rally in Paris.

One of Hollande’s main aims is to make a new agreement with eurozone leaders that is not just about fiscal discipline, but also encourages growth.