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Syrian opposition says Hama hit by rockets

Syrian opposition says Hama hit by rockets
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More allegations today from the Syrian opposition that government attacks on civilains are continuing.

In Hama they said 50 people died when the army fired rockets into a building complex. Only 16 deaths have been confirmed, and the government claims the building was an opposition weapons factory that blew up.

Whoever is right it is clear that two weeks into the ceasefire the violence has only eased, not stopped.

The UN is angry at the pace its observers are being allowed in, and wants more personnel on the ground, and quicker.

In Douma vanguard elements of the UN mission yesterday saw heavy armour and fighting still in the town, but the observers are still too thin on the ground to monitor everything. Of 300 UN staff assigned to Syria, only 15 are in place for the moment.

The SNC Syrian National Council is meeting in Egypt, but it now faces a second opposition group
with influential military and political backers that says it is forming a interim government as the SNC is “not fully representative” of Syrian society.

With the Russian Foreign Minister now accusing elements of the opposition of engaging in “terrorism” in acts that reminded him of al-Qaeda in Iraq or Yemen, it is clear that the opposition faces some new threats. It wants the UN to hold an emergency meeting to authorise the use of force if the Annan peace plan fails.