Court shown video of test bomb in Breivik trial

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Court shown video of test bomb in Breivik trial

Court shown video of test bomb in Breivik trial
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The trial of Anders Behring Breivik in Norway has seen evidence of events surrounding the bomb explosion in central Oslo that left eight people dead and several more badly injured.

The killer was seen on security videos that survived the blast, leaving the vehicle before it blew up.

One victim described the scene in July 2011 as being like a “war zone”.

Breivik has said he was disappointed his bomb wasn’t powerful enough to collapse the government building he’d targeted.

The court was shown a video of a test explosion carried out by the military, illustrating what the blast would have been like.

Forensic experts said most of those killed were blown to pieces.

In the confusion police feared a terrorist unit was at work – possibly al-Qaeda inspired – and that more bombs would go off.

A senior police officer described how initial reports led them to believe two terrorists were on the loose.

He told the court about the calls that began to come in about a man on the rampage on Utoya island.

The anti-terror unit was dispatched. By the time it arrived, 100 mostly teenagers had been shot, of whom 69 would die.