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Fears the Czech Republic government could fall

Fears the Czech Republic government could fall
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Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Necas will call for a confidence vote in parliament on Friday amid fears another EU government is about to fall.

The decision comes after a split in the ruling coalition over a corruption scandal and the extent of the country’s austerity measures. Necas says he is pretty confident his centre-right government will secure enough votes to survive.

“In case the government doesn’t pass the confidence motion, my Civic Democratic Party will announce its resignation in parliament by May 3rd at the latest, so that elections can be organised by the end of June,” said Necas after a meeting with party officials on Monday.

Necas kicked out the smallest of his coalition partners because of strained relations with one of its leaders, Vit Barta, who’s been convicted of corruption.

The government’s planning tax increases and a cut in spending on pensions to help bring down the deficit which has led to outrage among ordinary Czechs.

More than 90,000 protesters joined a rally through the capital Prague on Saturday, described as the biggest since the popular revolt that ended communism in 1989.

The Czech Republic’s political issues follow the recent collapse of governments in the Netherlands and Slovakia.