Ousted Mali president finds refuge in Senegal

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Ousted Mali president finds refuge in Senegal

Ousted Mali president finds refuge in Senegal
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Mali’s ousted leader has found refuge in neighbouring Senegal, almost a month after a coup forced him to flee his presidential palace.

Amadou Toumani Touré had already been sheltering in the Senegalese embassy in Mali amid ever- growing chaos.

The coup emboldened Tuareg-led rebels to take control of northern Mali, declaring independence.
Islamist rebels also seized parts of the north as government forces collapsed.

Soldiers are struggling to regain control as Tuaregs
jostle for power in the north with Islamists whose goal is to impose Sharia law across Mali.

Tens of thousands of people have fled Mali. Many on the border with Niger are living in fear.

“We are afraid because the rebels can come and attack us here and we will have problems if that happens,” said shopkeeper Abdoulaziz Alhassane Maiga.

The junta that seized power in the capital has now handed over to civilian leaders, saying it has freed allies of the ex-president arrested this week.

The north of Mali remains in a precarious limbo.