Oscar the orphan chimp gets his name in lights

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Oscar the orphan chimp gets his name in lights

Oscar the orphan chimp gets his name in lights
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A young chimp is the star of the latest movie from the world’s top wildlife documentary film-maker Alastair Fothergill.

‘Chimpanzee’ was made in the forests of Ivory Coast and follows the ups and downs in the life of Oscar the orphan in his formative years.

Fothergill’s credentials are impeccable, having produced several multi award-winning nature series for the BBC in the UK.

Now he takes six months sabbatical each year to work on his own projects, and ‘Chimpanzee’ is the result.

It takes a different approach from other documentaries. This movie is about telling a story with the animals.

Fothergill explained: “We start with him, he’s six weeks old, and follow him for the three most extraordinary years of his life. A terrible tragedy happens halfway through the film because his mother is killed by a leopard, but then something even more extraordinary happens and our film does have a happy ending.”

Some of the first week’s takings in the US are being donated to the Jane Goodall Institute to promote chimpanzee conservation.

She is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimps after spending 45 years studying them in the wild in Tanzania.

After watching the film she said: “I was blown away. It is, without exception, easily the best film on chimpanzees I’ve ever seen, probably the best on any animal. And you know that’s partly because of the extraordinary cinematography and not just of the chimpanzees, which is incredible, but also the fantastic scenery and the shots deep in the forest, the mystery of the forest, the grandeur of the scenery.”

‘Chimpanzee’ has begun its worldwide release in USA. It is being released across Europe throughout 2012 and early 2013.

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