Iran denies cutting off oil to EU nations

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Iran denies cutting off oil to EU nations

Iran denies cutting off oil to EU nations
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Iran denied on Thursday that it has halted oil exports to a number of EU countries.

Last week, two state-owned broadcasters said Tehran had stopped selling oil to Germany, Greece and Spain.

They also said sales to Italy could soon come to halt.

It was reported to be a pre-emptive measure ahead of an EU ban on Iranian oil that takes effect in July.

The bloc buys some 20 percent of Iran’s crude exports. Oil accounts for most of the Iranian government’s revenues.

Oil Minister Rostam Qaesemi contradicted the press reports, saying only exports to France and Britain had been stopped.

“For the other countries the exports continue, although there are some financial problems in certain cases,” he told reporters in Tehran.

The EU sanctions are being phased in to allow member states who buy a lot of Iranian oil to find alternative sources.

They are in response to Tehran’s continued pursual of uranium enrichment.

The Islamic Republic says its nuclear programme is only for civilian purposes.