Dozens killed in Iraqi bomb blasts

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Dozens killed in Iraqi bomb blasts

Dozens killed in Iraqi bomb blasts
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At least 37 people died and more than 160 were injured in a series of deadly bomb blasts across Iraq on Thursday.

The attacks appear to have been coordinated.

Unfolding over an hour and half, they mainly targeted the country’s security forces.

Bombings in and around the capital Baghdad claimed 17 lives and wounded 100 people.

Militants set off car bombs in the northern city of Kirkuk, killing nine civilians and four police officers.

There were also explosions in Samarra and a suicide bomber killed a police officer in Baquba.

No-one claimed responsibility for the bombings, but officials believe they could be the work of Al-Qaeda.

One month ago, an Al-Qaeda linked group, the Islamic State of Iraq, killed 50 people and wounded 255 nationwide in a spate of similar attacks.

The level of violence in Iraq has declined from its peak in the aftermath of the US-led invasion nine years ago, but shootings and bombings are still a regular occurance.