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Breivik says he was 'a military hero fighting Muslims'

Breivik says he was 'a military hero fighting Muslims'
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Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik told prosecutors on Wednesday that he was “a military hero fighting Muslims” when he killed 77 people last July.

At the opening of the third day of the trial, lawyers for the prosecution wanted to find out whether the 33-year-old acted as a ‘lone wolf’ or was part of an international group.

Breivik said he travelled to Liberia and London to meet those with similar views”. He said he met a Serb nationalist in Liberia who he claimed is wanted for war crimes.

But he refused to give further details, dodging questions about bodyguards he claimed to have hired.

The accused then told the court that his cover story for entering Liberia that he worked for UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Breivik admits to carrying out the massacres in last summer, but denies any criminal responsibility.

Half of his victims were teenagers, members of the ruling Labour Party which Breivik accuses of allowing too many Muslims to settle in Norway.