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Barroso sees future growth in Greece

Barroso sees future growth in Greece
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The people of Greece can look forward to economic growth. How much weight do those words carry? Recent figures underlined some of the problems the country is facing. Just over 21 percent are jobless, twice the average number in the eurozone. Yet the President of the European Commission told MEPs in Strasbourg there is a way forward.

“The Greek people have been accepting extremely difficult sacrifices and I think now, if there is a real commitment to implement all the programme, these sacrifices will be remunerated, creating conditions for growth and jobs in Greece,” said José Manuel Barroso

The message was clear. It was now Athens’ turn to deliver on the deficit-trimming and economic reforms linked to the financial aid. For that to happen one MEP believes its politicians who must implement financial changes.

“The two main political parties in Greece paid themselves 29 million euros of taxpayers’ money to start the campaign on May 6. I find it a scandal, and that’s my last word Mr President that Greek citizens have to make sacrifices that European partners have to continue to pay while most Greek politicians simply continue their bad practices of the past,” opined Guy Verhofstadt MEP, Liberals and Democrats.

The Greek election is being held in the first week of May. Faith in the EU is waning. In one poll 30 percent said they would not vote for any politician supporting the EU/IMF rescue package.