Norway killer Breivik rejects Oslo court's authority

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Norway killer Breivik rejects Oslo court's authority

Norway killer Breivik rejects Oslo court's authority
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The man who admits to carrying out Europe’s worst peacetime atrocity appeared in court in Norway on Monday.

Anders Behring Breivik says he killed 77 people, most of them teenagers, last July in self-defence; he claims he wanted to save Europe from an impending Marxist Islamic takeover.

He entered the courtroom flanked by his legal team. Once his handcuffs were removed, Breivik gave a Nazi salute and told the court that he did not recognise its legitimacy.

“I do not accept your authority in this case,” said Breivik. “You’ve gotten your political mandate from forces that support multiculturalism.”

“We are not raising any formal objection, it’s just information. I am just notifiying you that I don’t recognise the court.”

The trial is set to last 10 weeks. Judges are expected to focus on whether Brevik is insane.

There are two conflicting psychologist reports on whether the 33-year-old was the master of his own mind.

If the court decides Brevik is insane, he will be committed to a mental institution. If not, he faces at least 21 years in jail. That sentence could be extended to life.

Breivik disguised himself as a police officer before carrying out his two attacks.

The first, a car bomb outside government offices in Oslo, claimed the lives of eight people. The second and most deadly, a shooting spree on the nearby island of Utoeya, left 69 people dead.

The ruling Labour party had been holding a summer camp there for members of its youth wing.