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Iran sanctions hitting EU - Jalili

Iran sanctions hitting EU - Jalili
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Following the Iran nuclear talks in Istanbul, euronews spoke to Iran’s chief negotiator, Saeed Jalili.

Our reporter, Bora Bayraktar asked him whether, after a lull of more than a year, a new process in the six-party talks was now underway.

He replied that 15 months ago in Istanbul he had expressed Iran’s willingness to continue talks immediately, that Iran was ready then.

“We believe the talks should be shaped on a platform of cooperation. Now the other side is ready for that and we welcome that,” he told euronews.

According to Jalili, the sanctions imposed on Tehran are having a negative impact on Europe as well as Iran.

“Today Europeans are paying a cost which the do not deserve to pay. They are missing out on opportunities and possibilities and that will have a negative effect on their economic situation,” he said.

“Today the Islamic Republic of Iran has a good export capacity to European Union member states, mostly in the energy and oil sectors. And Europe is also missing out on the Iranian market, which has 70 million people.”

He said there was a great potential for Iran to import from Europe, but sanctions, especially those imposed on Iran’s bank sector which is effectively isolated from banks in other countries, were blocking that.

According to Jalili, it is ordinary Europeans who are paying the price through thousands of lost job opportunities.