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UN Security Council unanimous vote on Syria

UN Security Council unanimous vote on Syria
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The United Nations Security Council has voted unanimously to send unarmed observers to Syria to monitor the ceasefire.

Russia and China joined the other 13 council members and voted in favour of the Western Arab draft resolution.

The Russian U.N. Ambassador stressed though there were limits to the kind of U.N. action which Moscow could support.

The vote was passed as opposition activists claim at least six people were killed on Saturday with four of those who died said to be taking part in a funeral march in Aleppo.

Its reported shelling in Homs by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad had resumed for the first time since the U.N. – Arab League brokered ceasefire.

One unverified amateur video showed two tanks on the streets of Homs with the sound of heavy gunfire and explosions in the background.

The Syrian state news agency claimed, “armed terrorists” killed five in ambushes around the country.