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Iran nuclear talks get underway in Istanbul

Iran nuclear talks get underway in Istanbul
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Representatives from six world powers are holding talks with Iran in the Turkish city of Istanbul, with the aim of breaking the deadlock over Tehran’s nuclear programme.

The negotiations, involving the US, UK, France, China, Russia and Germany, are the first of their kind in fifteen months.

“I don’t think this round of talks will see any substantial progress,” said Bora Bayraktar, euronews’ Turkish correspondent.

“I expect Iran will strive to have more time and western countries will look to exert more political and economic pressure on Tehran,” he added.

The West accuses Iran of seeking to develop a nuclear weapons capability, Tehran insists its programme is peaceful.

Israel – believed to be the only Middle East state with an atomic arsenal – sees Iran’s plans as a threat to its existence and has hinted at pre-emptive strikes.

America and Europe have imposed tough sanctions against Iran over its refusal to end its nuclear work.