Syria refugees ridicule Assad's commitment to peace

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Syria refugees ridicule Assad's commitment to peace

Syria refugees ridicule Assad's commitment to peace
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Reports from Turkey say Syrian forces fired on a group of refugees trying to cross the border.

It happened before dawn, shortly before the ceasefire was due to take effect. There are no reports of injuries.

Some among the thousands who’ve already crossed into Turkey ridiculed President’s Assad’s commitment to a ceasefire.

“His words are all gibberish. This ceasefire won’t last long. Assad has been promising this for a year. I don’t think he’ll withdraw either his tanks or his troops,” said one refugee.

Another young man said:
“He won’t stop fighting. Even if he withdraws the troops, he’ll keep on going. We’re watching the news, they say that he withdrew the troops and silenced the guns. He’s lying.”

Some refugees say Syrian forces have been attacking rebels close to the camps along the border. Others have described being caught up in the crossfire themselves.

Earlier this week gunfire from Syria reportedly hit a refugee camp in Turkey.

Turkish media have quoted the prime minister as saying that NATO under its own treaty is responsible for protecting his country’s borders.

The Turkish government is also reportedly discussing asking the UN to create a buffer zone along the Syrian border to protect civilians.

Tens of thousands of refugees have already left Syria for Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.