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Music in tablet form

Music in tablet form
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A group in Estonia has taken live music into the information age by performing, not with intruments, but tablet computers.

Padman from Tallinn use five of the devices and, if necessary, they beef up the sound with a smartphone.

The drums, piano and guitars appear on the screen thanks to the latest applications.

Jakko Maltis said: “Our drummer is the one who appreciates the advantages most because normally he would come to a concert with a load of instruments and equipment.”

Beyond the ease of transport, Padman also save hours of setting-up and sound-checking.

The musicians admit though that playing on a screen is not the same as holding a real instrument.

Bandmember Viljar Norman explained: “Let’s be honest, it can’t compete with real instruments. It has everything necessary to replace a bass guitar. But as far as high-level solos are concerned, that’s too much.”

The futuristic gadgets of today have certainly helped the Estonian music scene explore the past, almost recreating the legendary sound of the 1970s Stylophone.