Getting high to lower Spanish debt

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Getting high to lower Spanish debt

Getting high to lower Spanish debt
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The people in the Spanish town of Rasquera are going to the polls. Its a referendum which could solve their debt problems, bypass austerity measures and create new jobs.

The ballot asks for a simple yes or no to a plan which the seven-member town council came up with last month.

If 75 percent are in favour beating the recession could for some reach a new high. Its simple but controversial, grow marijuana.

The town seems divided on the plan.

“It is another chance of production that can get us out of the crisis. It could be good,” said one person while another man was against the idea.

“It is a bad drug that’s what we have been taught and what I believe,” he said.

“Now Rasquera is known worldwide so it is a positive move”

The marijuana would be grown on a plot of land leased to a group from nearby Barcelona for around 1.3million euros about the size of the town’s debt.

But the scheme could go to pot as under Spanish law selling marijuana is illegal.