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US jet crashes in to homes

US jet crashes in to homes
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Three people are still missing after a US Navy F-18 jet crashed into a residential complex in the state of Virginia.

At least seven people have been injured and six buildings destroyed. Rescue workers say the the search for survivors is almost complete.

The two pilots were among those hurt, having managed to eject just before the aircraft came down. One woman said:

“They asked him if he was alright and he said ‘I’m sorry I destroyed your home’ and he was covered in blood but he was conscious.”

“It was an awful explosion” said another resident. “I also thought it might be terrorists but it wasn’t. I tried calling my daughter to let her know I was ok in case she had heard. And I couldn’t. The noise was so loud she couldn’t hear what I was saying.”

Authorities said the jet, part of a training squadron at a nearby naval air station, appeared to have suffered a catastrophic mechanical malfunction.