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Celebrations mark political anniversary amid bloodshed in Syria

Celebrations mark political anniversary amid bloodshed in Syria
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In Syria the bodies of 13 men tied up have been executed and left by the roadside. It is the work say activists of Syrian government forces. There has been no comment from Damascus and the amateur video could not be independently verified. The total number of deaths in Saturday’s fighting is reported to be 53.

On the streets of Homs the free Syrian Army engaged with what they claim were government- hired thugs, the unverified footage in a video was taken on Friday.

Both the government and the opposition groups have accused each other of intensifying assaults in the run-up to next week’s United Nations backed ceasefire which is due to take effect on Thursday if Government forces pull back from towns 48 hours earlier.

In central Damascus thousands of supporters gathered to mark the 65th anniversary of the foundation of President Bashar Asaad’s ruling Baath party which has been led by two generations of the Assad family. Chants of Allah, Syria, Bashar could be heard on the video which was filmed under the supervision of the Syrian authorities.

Away from the celebrations the government says it has begun to withdraw forces ahead of the cease-fire, activists have challenged the claim denying any significant pullouts of troops have taken place saying check points and snipers remain in almost all major flashpoint town and cities.