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Italian politician accuses government of plot

Italian politician accuses government of plot
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A leading Italian politician who resigned on Thursday has accused the government in Rome of plotting against him and his party.

Umberto Bossi stood down as leader of the seccessionist Northern League amid accusations that he’s been using party money to fund his family’s lavish lifestyle.

“The Northern League is dangerous”, said Bossi. “It’s watched closely not only by the government – ‘Rome the Robber’ – who sent these kind of magistrates, but also by our supporters. We therefore have to act correcty”.

Bossi built his party by directing resentment in the wealthy North towards the poorer South, hence the reference to “Rome the Robber”.

The Northern League Treasurer Francesco Belsito stood down on Tuesday after prosecutors said it was him who used the party funds to pay for Bossi’s personal bills. Those payments are said to have included the remodelling of Bossi’s villa and holidays for his children.

It is reported that a file marked “The Family” was found by magistrates in Belsito’s safe.

The administrative secretary of the party, Nadia Degrada, is also reported to have confirmed some of the accusations to investigators.