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Police identify US college shooting suspect

Police identify US college shooting suspect
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Police in California have detained a man they believe shot seven people dead at a college in California. 43-year-old Huan Goh is said to be a former nursing student at Oikos University, a small private college.

Witnesses have spoken of chaotic scenes as the gunman opened fire throughout the building.

Police say they think he used a handgun and acted alone.

“There were several people hiding in locked buildings, locked doors behind desks, as you can imagine, very frightened, very scared. Some of them were injured so we had to rescue them. We had to force our way into a number of rooms, because they were locked behind the doors,” said Oakland police chief Howard Jordan.

Three people were wounded in the rampage.
Witnesses say the gunman came into the building in mid-morning and started firing indiscriminately – reportedly saying “get in line, I’m going to kill you all”.

“He stood up in the class and just started firing, shot one guy in the chest, shot another person, he just started firing like crazy,” said one male student. “There’s also two dead bodies that came out as well, as time went on.”

Police have given no motive for the shootings. The suspect was arrested at a supermarket several kilometres from the college, which has links to the Korean-American Christian community.

He’s been described as a Korean national and a naturalised American from Korea.

It’s the deadliest shooting at a US school for five years.