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Hope, luck and prayers for largest-ever US lottery jackpot

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Hope, luck and prayers for largest-ever US lottery jackpot
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There was a flurry of ticket sales, as Americans hope they will be the lucky one to scoop the country’s largest ever lottery jackpot of 500 million dollars. That is nearly 377 million euros and more than 28 percent higher than the last record sum of 390 million (nearly 294 million euros).

Unsurprisingly, people are dreaming of what they would do with the money.

“Seriously I don’t know. I have to relax first, and then relax, think about it and then I’ll know what to do about it,” said one woman in New York.

What could you do with all that money? With 500 million dollars, you could buy 599 Ferrari 1600s -which would form a line five miles or eight kilometres long.

Forty US states taking part in the draw. Some people wishing they pick the right numbers would be more practical with windfall.

“Well, there’s a lot of people I owe money to, they get paid first, and then, what would anybody do? There’s a lot of friends I want to take care of, family, quit (my job),” said another New Yorker who had just bought some tickets.

The last record jackpot in 2007 had two winners.

What are the chances this time? If a person circled the equator, buying a ticket every single mile, they would need to make 7,067 trips to guarantee success.