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EU provides extra funds to resettle refugees

EU provides extra funds to resettle refugees
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The EU will give more money to individual member countries to resettle refugees. The extra cash comes after MEPs accused the bloc of failing to take in its fair share.

UN figures for this year show at least 172,000 people need urgent resettlement. But, the global number of places up for grabs is less than half that. Last year, Europe granted some 5000 people official refugee status. Many fewer than the US. In addition, only 13 out of 27 countries took part in the EU programme.

MEPs, who fought for a funding increase, say the extra money will be vital.

“We will create a resettlement unit. That should probably be completed by next year in the European Office for Asylum. There’s a possibility we’ll be able to pool resources so we can get more treatment centres and teams to go to refugee camps. They would provide language assistance and also be able to evaluate the individual refugees cases,’‘ said Green MEP Rui Tavares.

Currently the EU gives countries 4000 euros for every person resettled. Under the new scheme, funding will be increased to 6000 euros in the first year, dropping to 5000 the year after.