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Latest Fukushima probe appalls experts

Latest Fukushima probe appalls experts
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There is more bad news from the stricken Fukushima nuclear site in Japan, where a probe of the only one of the three destroyed reactors where access is possible revealed still-deadly levels of radiation. Experts say the two others could be in even worse shape.

In the second such interior assessment since the disaster over a year ago detectors in reactor number two showed damage so severe special technology will need to be developed just to survive the harsh environment. Cleaning up is going to take decades.

Water levels inside the containment vessel that houses the radioactive core were also found to be way too low, despite continual pumping, although the water temperature indicates the fuel has been cooled.

Detected radiation levels of 70 seiverts an hour will kill a human after seven minutes of exposure, and are 10 times higher than experts had been hoping. Levels are even higher in reactors one and three.