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Toulouse: alleged killer identified by his IP address

Toulouse: alleged killer identified by his IP address
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Mohamed Merah, the main suspect in the recent  Montauban and Toulouse killings, was identified by his internet IP address.
French paper Le Monde and Radio France Info, quoting sources close to the investigation, said that among the leads being investigated was the claim that the first victim had set up a meeting with the shooter via a classified ad published on the Internet.
French soldier Imad Ibn-Ziaten, was shot in Toulouse on March 11 when he thought he was meeting a prospective buyer for his motorcycle.
French Interior Minister Claude Guéant explained during a news conference that “after Ibn-Ziaten’s murder, police detectives looked through the communications he received from persons interested in buying his motorcycle”.

Nouvel Observateur
According to the minister detectives examined data that the French intelligence agency DCRI, which had been watching the suspect for a long time, had gathered. The cross-checking “revealed an IP address corresponding to the mother of the person currently being arrested”.