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French pupils stand in silence to remember shooting victims  

French pupils stand in silence to remember shooting victims  
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Across France at 11.00am pupils stood silent as a tribute to those who were gunned down in Toulouse.
It was a moment for private thoughts and reflection. Teachers have been encouraged to talk to their pupils about the events which have stunned the country.
President Nicolas Sarkozy was at a secondary school in Paris.
“It is very important to think about these children who have died and their families. And it’s very important to think about the world as it is, all together,” he said. 
Outside the Ozar Hatorah School, the scene of the tragedy, there were tears. One pupil spoke on national radio describing the moment she feared for her life.
“We were getting ready for prayers when the principal stormed in and screamed that there was a shooting. I panicked and fled to the old canteen and heard the shots, but saw nothing. I thought he was going to come in any minute and finish us all,” the girl said.
And in the main square in Toulouse there was a scene repeated throughout towns and villages. People gathered at town halls to pay their respects as the events in the South West united the country in grief.   

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