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Hungary far right group 'defied ban' to re-form

Hungary far right group 'defied ban' to re-form
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About a hundred new members of a Hungarian far-right group have been sworn in at a very public ceremony in Budapest.

They would have broken the law if they had stood in formation, so the new uniformed recruits sat down or knelt to make silent oaths.

The Hungarian National Guard grew out of the Hungarian Guard, an offshoot of the nationalist Jobbik party.

Founded in 2007, the Guard was disbanded two years later by a court order, amid concerns about its attitude to minorities.

A small group of demonstrators believe the same extremists are donning new clothes to get round the law.

“Today they are here again to inaugurate new members of the Guard, but they are banned. We are here to demonstrate against them, because to be Hungarian cannot be equated with fascist ideology,” said Peter Daniel, one of the protesters.

A Budapest-based think-tank set up to combat extremism in Europe describes the new National Guard as a splinter group, saying its significance cannot be compared to that of its predecessor – and the police have it under close surveillance.