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Inside Syrian unrest

Inside Syrian unrest
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The Arab uprisings of 2011 changed the role of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Barriers to freedom of information have been partially lifted, while as a consequence these ‘informal’ sources pose a new challenge: they are difficult to verify.

While euronews can’t totally guarantee the veracity of this material, our Arabic language team is able to curate some videos and reliable sources for our users.

Our aim, as always, is to spread information on the situation and let our users form their own opinions.

We warn you that some of the material contains graphic images of violence.

Shelling in Homs Tuesday March 20

Shelling in Homs Tuesday March 20

Torture scenes Data and location unknown

Syrian opposition sends its message on balloons Monday March 19

Fighting in Madiq city Tuesday March 20

Twitter sources: Omar Shakir: blogger and citizen journalist @OmarShakir91

Facebook: Baba Amro News

Syrian media center (hosted in Belgium)

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